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About Us

At PRT we believe in providing Best-in-Class Service. We are here for you!

For over 25 years PRT has been partnering with our customers to listen first and then collaborate on strategic problem solving initiatives that either improve quality, equipment, processes, or save precious time and costs.

PRT was born with an innovative idea on how to develop a stronger and higher quality container lid. It was our first product. That passion is still in every product we sell. We listen first and look for solutions second.

We identify what may seem like a unique problem to you, but we have the benefit of partnering with customers just like you, all over the country. We develop universal solutions that help to standardize the replacement parts used in the waste hauling industry and maximize the life of your equipment. Our parts are engineered to last and we focus on efficiency in our manufacturing processes in order to keep your cost low. We provide the highest quality parts with exceptional service that keeps you coming back.

All built to last.

Today, we are a one-stop shop for all your Container Shop and Truck Body replacement part needs.

We truly appreciate our customers.

Our lids are made from the highest quality material and they are manufactured in the smartest, most efficient way that keeps costs low.
We also build our own replacement bottoms. We source 100% of our steel from the USA. We manufacture and distribute from our own facility located in the Midwest. This allows us to fully control quality and eliminate delays. We pass those savings directly to our customers.

Give us a call today to find out how we can be "here for you" too!

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