Premier Plus+ Roll Off-Conversion Kit

The Roll-Off Conversion Kit includes a dog house, bull nose, hook lift assembly plate, and nose rollers. Regardless of the type of container you purchase, this kit gives you the flexibility to get all your containers quickly adapted for use for any truck lift. This kit also provides you an option when these areas experience damage.


Premier Plus+ Mag Switch

Our safety switch designed for universal mounting with a durable aluminum housing that outlasts other plastic designs. Enlarged holes accommodate standard screw sizes and a steel armored cable provides product longevity. This PRT Plus+ switch is guaranteed to work in all situations. We are so confident in this product, that we will refund and return at our cost should any customer encounter a problem.


Premier Plus+ Front and Rear Load Lids

These lids are made from a hybrid patented design that offers the benefits of double-wall in hinge strength and stiffness, while maintaining single-wall flexibility to prevent cracking and hinge-rod damage. These lids are “sag-free” and designed for proper water run-off. PRT Premier Plus+ lids include a 7-Year Warranty confirmed with date stamp on every lid.


Premier Plus+ Allen-Bradley PLC

PRT prides itself in partnering with quality manufactures that provide universal solutions that maximize flexibility. Yet PRT goes further, taking steps to increase your efficiency when using these parts. The Premier Plus+ PLC unit works in conjunction with any OEM equipment and reduces the need for hardware components. PRT pre-programs each unit with a multi-cycle option and a “container-full” alert.