PRT Complete Photo Eye Kit from Allen-Bradley

PRT works to create quality product solutions that improve operational efficiencies and maximize profits. This is why we partner only with quality manufactures like Allen-Bradley whose products meet these criteria.

The PRT Complete Photo Eye Kit, used in conjunction with your compactor power unit, offers a great solution for compactors that need to be self-monitored due to location or user access restrictions. With this Kit installed, compactor operation will trigger only when trash accumulates beyond a preset level. This occurs within the unit when a sender transmits a beam of light to a receiver. When this beam of light is interrupted by a pile of trash, it alerts the compactor to begin its compacting process.

This Kit components are comprehensive and include ANSI required flashing alarm components. The kit can be added to a PRT power unit, included in a panel purchase, added to a PLC order, or you can purchase parts individually. The PRT Complete Photo Eye Kit includes:

  • Retro-reflective photo senor and power base
  • Retro-reflective photo senor and power base
  • FRetro-reflective photo senor and power base
  • Relay
  • Complete Flashing Alarm Kit -ANSI Required
    • 120v alarm module
    • 120v red flashing light & bulb (replaceable)
    • Vertical Mounting Base

For more information on this easy trash management solution that prevents unneeded wear and tear on your compactor equipment, call 888-999-5278.